Architectural marketing

ARCHITECTURAL MARKETING is the way to the architectural transformation of your business.

We have been working in architectural design for more than 20 years, so we clearly understand how forms, use of space and embedded meanings affect business development.

We developed a system for optimizing business related to construction (cottage towns), factory production of housing (serial production of modular houses), as well as commercial real estate (hotels, restaurants, aparthotels, business centers, office premises) and called it # architectural marketing.

The concept is based on a deep analysis of local and global markets, the search for solutions that do not yet exist, as well as a bold and creative approach to the creation of new architectural products.

Products that will definitely change your business!

The project of TERA MONADA serial modular houses

In November 2022, we started work on creating a new product within the concept of #architecturemarketing for a manufacturer of serial modular houses. This project was planned for the company’s entry into the international market.
The main task is a recognizable architectural image of a modern house that will be able to compete on the foreign market. During the development, it was necessary to take into account the capabilities and limitations of the production line, as well as the technological features of production, transportation and installation.
In February 2023, our conceptual solutions were presented, and in the summer of 2023, the first houses were installed in the suburbs of London.
In total, at previous presentations of 3D visualizations to potential investors, our client received about 4,500 pre-orders.

A long-term strategy is the way to success and business improvement.

2006. Our company developed a project for the large-scale reconstruction of a building with an area of 15,000 m2 for the main logistics center of the DHL company in Ukraine.


In 2015, we completed work on the building reconstruction project to create a new, modern CITY ZEN PARK business center.
The facades of the business center have a bright and recognizable design, and are one of the largest murals in Ukraine.
An extremely important advantage of this project is the functional flexibility of the space and the possibility of quick replanning. Thanks to this concept, it is possible to completely change the configuration of the space in a very short time: for example, an open space of 1000 m2, 2 offices of 500 m2, 5 offices of 200 m2 or 50 offices of 20 m2. Any configuration of the space depending on the needs of the tenants.

Apartment hotels

Over the past 15 years, we have developed and implemented more than 100 apart-hotel projects. This type of commercial real estate is very popular.
A creative approach allows us to radically change the space and planning solutions to get the most profitable units.
Bright and dynamic design allows you to stand out from the competition.
According to the owners' survey, our apart-hotels have a profitability that is 25-30% higher than similar ones.

HUSHEN. The project of a cottage town in the suburbs of Kyiv

Working on the idea of HUSHEN cottage town, we aimed to solve one of the biggest problems of modern cottage towns. Deterioration or lack of sales in 2, 3, 4, etc. stages of construction.

After conducting research on the market, natural environment, infrastructure, offer and architectural design of competitors’ code, we found a solution.
Non-standard and at the same time rational. Preserve the forest as much as possible and reduce the density of buildings. To do this, we created a unique master plan for the future town, which allowed us to reveal the potential and completeness of this ecosystem.

How does it work?

#Architectural marketing is a combination of many years of experience and creative ideas of our team. Analysis of products, markets and forecasting their development. This is the creation of additional values that will take your business to a new level. Want to know how it works?

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