About me

About me

Oleksii Koleroviy is a certified architect, lecturer at the European School of Design, founder of the architectural studio KOLEROVIY Architecture & Design.

Winner of Ukrainian national architectural competitions:

– REM Awards 2021;

– Ukrainian Urban Awards 2019;

– Interior of the Year 2018, 2019;

– Award from the Union of Architects of Ukraine 2003.

20+ years of experience

Created the concept of ARCHITECTURAL MARKETING, which helps to create new unique products in the field of architecture and construction. Conquer new markets, scale business and increase sales.

I have personally designed and built my own house where I live, so I understand perfectly well all the subtleties regarding how to choose a site, lay out a house on it and make the space inside functional.

A comfortable house can only be designed by an architect who has experience of living in a private house!


What is seen as cutting-edge technology by many is an everyday thing for us!

Back in 2004, our company was the first in Ukraine to install a heat pump and solar panels in the office.

For 17 years we have been providing complete autonomy and operations of our workspace at minimal costs.

With this innovative solution I won a grant to study in the USA in 2011.

For 1.5 months of internship, we visited more than 10 states, over 80 companies, where we learned everything about modern energy-saving technology.

For the past 10 years, we have been bringing the best reliable and cost-effective technology into the lives of each of our clients!


Each time period has its own modern architecture and design.

Back in 2003, our company received an award from the Union of Architects of Ukraine for a modern half-timbered house. This style was unique for that time.


We continue to work with modern and ultra-modern architecture, architecture that shapes the market and trends for the coming decades.
Building a home is one of the biggest investments in life. We know how to make your home worth more in the future than the money invested in it.

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