Project of serial modular houses Tera Monada

November 2022, we started work on a new product for a Ukrainian manufacturer of modular homes.

The main task is to create a recognizable architectural image of a modern building that can compete on the international market.

Our team conducted an architectural and marketing study and analyzed the received data. As a result of two months of work, in January 2023 we presented the first conceptual proposals, which were refined with the participation of the customer.

March 2023, the manufacturer’s representatives held a presentation at an international real estate conference in London. With only a 3D rendering of the Tera Monada 3.0 concept in hand, they received 4,500 pre-orders for the next 3 years.

July 2023, the first house was built in the suburbs of London.

October 2023, the construction of the company’s second plant in Europe will be completed.

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